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Create a Safe Environment
Instant and Accurate Temperatures

Security When You Need It

In two seconds the Protect98 measures and displays Pass and Fail with both red or green lights visible 360 degrees and a professional and pleasant audio response, with the audio volume set suitably for the environment. This assures a safer environment for employees and customers who will feel good about you place of business.

Fully Functional Platform

The Protect98 can operate as a stand alone unit or can be expanded and networked together, and the included software can keep a record of the visitors and employees that it measures. The database can hold 30,000 separate images and also has facial recognition built in that is 99.7% accurate. Even when a mask is worn, it is still 95% accurate!

Mounting Options

Mounting Options include Wall mounting, stable stand, and floor stand. The floor mount enables tilting to accommodate taller and shorter people. The floor stand can be fitted with an optional hand sanitizer dispenser which is touch-less, battery powered or AC powered.


Protect98 options include:
  • +Card reader for ID cards with RFID
  • +Remote management software


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